Personal Injury LOP Funding Services

LIEN/LOP- Medical Funding Simplified strives to deliver fast, innovative funding solutions for healthcare providers through buying Letters of Protection (LOP) or personal injury medical liens.

Medical Funding Simplified will get you the highest percentage offers for your unpaid cases. Upon acceptance, you receive cash within days, and all further collections are assumed. Ongoing funding options are also available.

Man in need of personal injury LOP funding


  • LOP and Liens Funding Highest available rates for the LOP’s and Liens
  • Post / Pre Funding Available case by case or bulk individual funding
  • All Types of Evaluation / Treatment You can take our help for any type of billing rate based on treatment
  • Focus on Attorney Relationships You can get our help to maintain good relationships with personal injury attorneys any time
  • Attorney Referrals Additional cases or patients are possible with us
  • Numerous Liens Bids or Offers We give better rates than other providers
  • Fast Funding Offers You can get funds on the same day if you have a continuous request for funding!
  • Return Rates are Very High With our exclusive resources of capital, we can provide better rates
  • HIPAA Compliant Data is secured and complete privacy is assured