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Refer your Medical Provider Contacts  to Our Direct Funding Marketplace!

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Workers Comp, Personal Injury Liens/LOP’s, No-Fault ("PIP") Claims, Private/Commercial Ins.

All Specialties: Radiology, Surgery, Orthopedics
Pain Management, Internal Medicine, Physical Therapy,etc.

All Specialties! All States!

Help Medical Providers Improve their Cash Flow!

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Most Popular Cash Referral Program for Health Care Professionals: Staff, Sales Reps, Marketing Reps, Office Managers, Billers, Collectors, Operation Managers, Doctors, etc

Receive 40% commission from Any medical Funding, Billing or Collection Payout from any medical Provider who submit a request for Funding or Collection service!

Full Transparency and Funding Request Tracking! 

Medical Rep, Biller, Collector, Medical Staff, Medical Assistant!

SIGNUP to Receive Commisions and Lifetime $Residuals$ From any successful Funding or Service Offer Transaction for any of your Contacts!

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We are the Largest Funding and Service Marketplace for
Medical Account Receivable Funding, Billing, and Collection!

  • We enable providers to receive the best rates possible for their medical claims, at the shortest time possible, with the least amount of information required.
  • No obligations, No Contracts, No Hidden fees!
  • One time Transaction and Ongoing Residuals for the life of client under funding or servicing Agreement!
  • Marketplace for best rates and Funder, Biller, and Collection reviews for all A/R services for the provider-  manually reviewed and verified for historical performance!

Easy Process - We do all the Closing for You!

Are your Contacts or Referrals might be interested in funding

or improving their Cash Flow from their long term Delayed Paying Receivables?

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Sign up , download and receive your Referral non Circumvent funding, billing and Collection Agreement! Receive immediate access to your lead management system to track your Referred Contacts & Your Pending/Closed Transactions!

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Download Promo Material and company brochure and email your contacts, call your contacts or advertise our service to your contacts / clients! Arrange call back or get signed provider Docs for Funding, Billing & Collection Bids/Offers!

Step 3

Receive Commissions and Ongoing Residuals from each Funding Transaction or Billing/Collection service offer! Ask for additional Provider Referrals ! Grow Your $$$$ Stream!